Retirement Planning Services

Pre & Post Retirement Planning

Planning immediately after retiring (Post Retirement Planning)

Post retirement planning is more of a safety net building exercise. The Person retiring is left with three standard constraints in hand

  1. Available retirement corpus in hand (PF/Graduity/Superannuation & Fulll & Final Payments all coming in one shot)
  2. Recurring monetary requirements to be met for the expected lifetime (monthly expenses/medicals etc.)
  3. Managing balance between Risk-Return while trying to pass on as much net-worth as possible to inheritors (children/family)

We strongly recommend a person doing post retirement planning to not exceed his/her direct or indirect equity/stocks exposure by 25% of networth. To understand the whole process & the recommendation in detail visit our Post Retirement Planning (blog) or contact us.

Retirement Planning in Advance (at leats 10 Years before retirement)

Pre-Retirement planning is ensuring that you mantain the same or better life standard than you already do, even after you have retired & your salary/business income has stopped.

As dying early is a risk, "Living long is a risk too ,if you dont have enough money !"

It is better to start retirement planning at an early age, which results in no burden on your savings plan. For more information on retirment planning, steps to the plan, & options available for the same visit Retirement Planning How to & be in touch for further queries.

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